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Whether you’re trying lash extensions for the very first time or coming back for your 6 weekly refill, you want the best possible results. At Angel Lash, we understand how important a pretty pair of peepers is and make it our mission to enhance your natural gorgeousness, one lash at a time. Call Susan on 0421 047 028

With over seven years in the industry, Angel Lash technician and director, Susan Robinson, is at the forefront of lash technology and training. Utilising only the safest, most effective techniques, Angel Lash adheres to the highest standards of application.

Forget clumps of lashes and sticky, irritating glue. Angel Lash uses a lash by lash grafting technique which means that each extension is applied individually. This helps preserve the health of your own lashes while achieving a completely comfortable and natural end result that will never look (or feel) ‘fake’.

Angel Lash only uses faux mink or silk extensions due to their beautiful feel and stunning finish. We feel that the end result and potential for irritation reflects the nature of the material and as such, avoid low quality, synthetic lashes due to their reputation for irritation and less than natural finish.

With a choice of thickness, length and colour, Angel Lash weightless lashes are completely customisable to your individual eye. Choose between a ‘Natural’ set (which includes up to 80 lashes per eye) or kick things up a notch with a ‘Glam’ set (which includes up to 100 lashes per eye). You can read more about each HERE.

Not sure what to choose? Don’t panic! At your first visit, your Angel Lash technician will walk you through all your options to work out the perfect formula for your eyes.

Want to check out the end result? Click through HERE for our gallery.

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