For more information call 0421 047 028 At Angel Lash, we only use silk/synthetic extensions. Why? Because we’ve found that they offer the best possible result on a range of different eye shapes and eyelash types. While some salons still offer synthetic lashes, we’ve found that they are far more likely to irritate and create a less than natural and flattering result. Our prices reflect both the premium quality product used and the time taken for expert and precise application

Natural Full Set – The perfect application for a naturally gorgeous finish with plenty of volume and curl. A natural set uses approximately 100 lashes per eye (faux mink or silk) per eye – $130

Glam Full Set – If you’re after something more dramatic, the glam set is for you. Using 100+ lashes per eye, the glam set offers an extremely full, ‘lash upon’ lash effect – $140

Natural Half set – Want to keep it super simple? A natural half set application see’s lashes attached from the very outer corners to the middle of your eye to create a naturally gorgeous finish – $80

Glam Half Set – Dramatic without being OTT. A glam half set application see’s lashes attached from the very outer corners to the middle of your eye for a ‘Bambi-eque’ doe-eyed finish – $90

Infills – Infills replace the lashes that have naturally dropped away due to your standard lash cycle. Price is dependent on the time between applications.

3 weeks – $80 (natural) /  $90 (glam)

4 weeks or more – $90-$130 (natural) / $110-$140 (glam) depending on how many lashes are left on the eye after this period has lapsed.

Eyelash removal from other technicians – If a previous set of lashes is causing you grief, Angel Lash can remove the offending lumps and clumps for you. $30 – Includes complete removal and soothing post removal eye tonic

Brows and things

Brow tint- $15

Brow tint, shape- includes waxing and tweezing to create a great shape- $35

Brow tidy- includes tweezing – $15

Eyelash lift with colour- $90

Eyelash tint- $25

Please note that Angel-lash does not do infills on other technicians work, the old extensions will be removed and a clump free set will be grafted for you. For more information or to book, contact Angel Lash via email HERE or CALL 0421 047 028

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